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Unadulterated and compelling wines made by people with vision, integrity and a commitment to quality and transparency. Organic/Biodynamic practices, native yeast/spontaneous fermentation, little or no sulfites, terroir reflectivity, minimal intervention, and transparency of process. So called natural wine does not indicate any singularity of style or homogeneous result. We select for quality above all and have no interest in faulty, poorly made or trendy wines. Wine for us is about conviviality and sharing, friends and family, and a desire to be tethered to nature.

Glou-Glou, Glug-Glug
65.00 every month

3 Bottles of lively everyday wines, a great introduction to natural wine and the producers that make them.

Take Your Time
90.00 every month

3 Bottles of increasing complexity and expression, a further exploration of place and authenticity.

Have It All
150.00 every month

6 bottles including all bottles from the other options; turns out you can have it all.


Wine Club FAQ


When can I pick up my wine?

Pick-up day is the 3rd Thursday of every month. If you cannot make it that day we will hold the wine for you.

Are natural wines all "funky?"

Absolutely not. While some of our wines may be new or challenging or unusual to you, and yes occasional "funky," our focus is on quality and expressivity.


Marseille does not ship wine. Pick-Up day is the third Thursday of the month at Marseille 1531 Melrose Ave Seattle WA 98122

Are your wines organic?

Our producers practice organic or biodynamic farming practices.

How are your wines made?

Our wines are made with minimal intervention, winemakers that utilize native yeast (as opposed to industrial and GMO strains of yeast), zero or minimal sulphur additions, no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other chemicals in the vineyard, no chemical additions to the wine or brutish technological manipulations.


Cancel any months subscription by the 5th of the month. Cancellations made after the 5th will terminate the following month.